IDENTITY THEFT: It Is Everywhere

Non Participative

  • ATM
  • Every retail establishment
  • Everywhere your social security number is used, for example: Medical offices, Hospitals, Banks, Tax offices, and Latest example: Target.

Participative Approach

  • E-mail inquiry, asking for personal identity info
  • Phone inquiry, asking for personal identity info

How Good are These Identity Thieves?

  • They are amazingly competent
  • They can build perfect replica web sites, rivaling the best large company it departments
  • They can create a very credible crisis, that is close to your heart

How Can I Become Educated on Identity Theft?

  • Blogs: There are many good sources on the internet
  • I list many on our blog at
  • Google the subject while you are having coffee on you iPad

A Few Thoughts:

  • Your Medicare ID (when you become eligible) is your social
  • No one needs your social, bank account numbers, brokerage account numbers, or birth dates
  • Look at credit monitoring services
  • Check your financial accounts daily, get alerts set up

Be Yourself Carefully

  • Be the beautiful person you are
  • Of course you would help your kid in Paris who lost his wallet

Change Yourself: Learn To Become Smarter Than The Thieves

  • Suspicious
  • Skeptical
  • Observant
  • Follow Up Fast


  • You will have built up your knowledge of scams through research
  • Listen to your tummy
  • Make rules:
    −If it is too good to be true, it is probably not true
    −The odds of winning the lottery are incredibly high

More Rules

  • Take everything under advisement
  • No one can triple your money in 30 days, if they could, they would not be talking to you
  • Your banks, the IRS, and your financial advisors will never ask for personal identity data. They already have all they need.

Take Away

If you were walking through a parking lot at 2 AM by yourself, every fiber in your brain and body would be on high alert. We need you to create that high level of alertness; that willingness to respond quickly and decisively; identity thieves are criminals after your money; lock them out. Be tough. Your personal information is yours, and to those worthy partners with whom you choose to do business. Otherwise, why would anyone with your best interests in mind ask you for money, or identity data.

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