Identity Theft Websites

CPA Accounting & Tax Solutions, a full service accounting and tax services company, is providing the following list of excellent websites, offering education and tips on identity theft.

We believe the best defense against identity theft is awareness, education, and aggressive management of your Identity information. Identity theft is now a major problem with fraudulent tax returns, where your identity data is used to file a tax return and collect a refund. Your legitimate return is then returned by the IRS. Several sites below provide excellent information on this subject.

If you have any concerns about Identity Theft in general or as it relates to your personal or business tax returns, contact us immediately at 239-596-6050. Learn more on our web site: You can also email me at

There are credit monitoring services available today that will monitor your credit status, detecting and informing you of new credit account setup. The following link identifies many of these services. We think it is useful as a list of available services, but offer no opinion on the quality or cost effectiveness of the services. If you are interested, research each and decide. Again knowledge and awareness are your best defenses.

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