As readers of our blog are aware, we at CPA Accounting and Tax Solutions have been crusading to get people to save for their retirement. In doing our tax work, we often find people with little or no savings, and little or no appreciation for their financial needs after retirement.

A common response is:” I really can’t save much, and the little I can save won’t result in any significant savings anyway”.

FACT:  systematic savings, over long periods result in surprisingly large savings results.

  • Assume you begin saving at age 21, putting $25 a month into savings, and you earn 4%, compounded monthly:
  • In 40 years, at age 61, you will have saved $29,554.


The take away here is to start saving early, and save regularly. You can find $25 in your monthly budget to begin your retirement plan.


If you can begin a savings program, with whatever amount you can afford, preferably using automatic savings vehicles such as 401k’s if you are employed, or automatic checking account deposits if you are self employed, and allow it to build, you will be amazed at your success.

An even better savings strategy is to increase the savings amount each time you get a salary increase, or increase you company revenues.


CPA Accounting and Tax Solutions can help you develop a savings strategy, as well as handle your tax, accounting, new business formation, and other financial needs.

I encourage you to run savings  calculations  to  determine  the  end  result  for various saving amounts, time periods, and rates of returns. These calculators are available on the Internet and your bank or employer will often run calculations for you.

Feel free to call or email us to discuss a savings strategy, run savings calculations, or recommendations on savings vehicles.

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