As you know, CPA Accounting and Tax Solutions is an Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Audit, and Tax company. We are not financial planners. We do blog about the importance of saving, whether that be for retirement or special goals like a college education for your kids. We do pride ourselves as a Solutions company, and we really care about our clients’ financial welfare.

For this reason, we business partner with excellent financial planners. If you need a good financial planner, please contact us, and we will refer you to one of our partners. As we all know, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates extremely low to stimulate the economy. This has forced many savers to look to the stock market to grow their savings. Be aware that shopping for the best CD rate and investing in the stock market are very different strategies. Venturing into the stock market (or bond market for that matter) requires knowledge that few of us possess. Picking a few good stocks, paying good dividends, and holding them for the long term sounds easy and may very well be a great strategy.  Unfortunately, markets rise and fall and you may need the savings at a low point in the market. Severe market dips can be very disconcerting and traumatic, resulting in people investing at market highs and selling at market lows when they panic. Using a professional is a very smart decision, and you will sleep better.

Bottom line: if you have decided that the Stock or Bond markets are a better place to save, or you are unhappy with your current inattentive Financial Representative, who has been producing subpar results, call us for a referral. We carefully choose our Financial Planner business partners and can help you select the best person for your needs.

If you have decided,  to establish  a Traditional or Roth IRA, a 401K, or SEP IRA for your business, after having read our SAVINGS SERIES blog posts on our web site, WWW.CPAACCTAX.COM, call us at 239-596-6050, or email me at JOE.DANIELE@CPAACCTAX.COM. We work with our Financial Planners to integrate your saving strategies with an effective Tax strategy, so you keep more of your hard earned money.


Best regards and good fortune.

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