Tax Fraud

TAX FRAUD by CPA Accounting and Tax Solutions

Please be aware that Tax Fraud is on the increase.

What exactly is Tax Fraud? This is a situation where someone files a fraudulent tax return in your name(s), to claim a tax refund.

Once such a fraudulent return is processed, your legitimate return will be rejected by the IRS. You must then follow a lengthy procedure to get your return recognized and processed by the IRS.

While our main focus is Tax Fraud, and some suggestions on reducing this risk follow, it is important to realize that Tax Fraud is a form of Identity Theft.

  • Please guard your identity carefully. Shred your financial statements, and avoid Internet sites, or phone calls requesting Social Security numbers and/or account numbers. You may want to sign up for one of the Identity Fraud systems. Never respond to an IRS email. The IRS does not use email to contact taxpayers. If you receive an IRS letter, it is best to contact a professional Tax Professional.

The following actions will reduce your risk of Tax Fraud:

  • In general, File as early as you can
  • Use a reputable Tax filing Service
  • What if you don’t have access to all your tax documents until close to the tax filing deadline:
    • Consider filing your taxes early with those tax documents available to you ,
    • Then file an amended return once you have the late arriving documents.


If you have suffered any kind of identity fraud,  such  as  a  stolen  credit  or  debit  card, lost your wallet,  or someone has gained access to one of your credit or debit card accounts:

  1. Notify the IRS. There is a form available for this purpose, or you can call.
  2. File your tax return as soon as the IRS begins accepting returns, even if you do not have all your tax documents.
  3. Once you have your tax documents, file an amended return
  4. If you are in this situation you should contact a Tax Professional. CPA Accounting and Tax Solutions can assist you with these issues.

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