The Dreaded IRS letter

What should you do if you get a Letter from the IRS? If your mother never told you, do not respond to an IRS letter on your own, unless you are very knowledgeable about tax issues. I would strongly recommend you see a Tax Professional, and have your IRS letter reviewed. If you have been selected for any type of IRS Audit, rush to a Tax Professional. Under no circumstances should you ignore IRS communications of any kind. If you have used a store front Tax Preparer, and they are closed after tax season, or open only for limited hours, call a Public Accounting Firm.

We at CPA Accounting and Tax Solutions know how scary and unnerving the receipt of an IRS letter can be. Call us at 239-596-6050. If you get one of these letters late Friday or Saturday, and it’s going to affect your sleep, call us on our weekend emergency number at 239-898-9406. For more information about us visit

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